How to add a storage location to an item for invoicing

If you need to add a storage location to an item on an invoice to assist your team with pickup, here's how:

First, create new invoice settings. In the admin portal, under the Invoices menu, click "invoice settings" and then "create."

Check the box for "show item storage location." Add any other settings you need for this auction. Next, navigate to your auction, and add these invoice settings.

Next, if you'd like to add locations to the items themselves, navigate to the item, edit it, then scroll down to "suggested fields" and you'll see a field for "storage location."

Add the location of the item, then scroll to the bottom and click "save."

Next, when the auction is over, and you've generated your invoices, you'll notice the storage location of the item shows on the invoices:

We hope this helps your team during auction pickup.