How do I allow bidders to see their invoices?

How do I allow bidders to see their invoices?

Your users can be given the ability to view their invoices via their Account screen. To enable this feature, navigate to your Company Settings in the Admin Portal. Within the Company Settings' Edit screen, you will find the checkbox to enable this under the Customization dropdown menu titled, "Show invoices".

After enabling this feature, bidders can find their invoices within their Account screen...

Click on the new Billing tab.

The new Billing page will show their paid and unpaid invoices. Invoices can easily be downloaded here. They also have the ability to click into the invoice where they can view that invoice, download (on desktop), or even pay their invoice if that auction's invoice settings allow it.

The Pay Now feature within the invoice will not appear if the auction's invoice settings don't have the Pay Now feature enabled. See below if you don't know how to enable this.

The Pay Now feature can be enabled for unpaid invoice emails. Click here to learn how to set this up: