How do I bulk upload an auction catalog into BidWrangler with a .csv/spreadsheet?

How do I bulk upload an auction catalog into BidWrangler with a .csv/spreadsheet?

*Note* If you are using Wavebid to create your auction, please refer to this document for information on how to import your catalog here - How do I bulk upload an auction catalog into Wavebid with a .csv/spreadsheet?

To begin, create an auction in BidWrangler to allow for the .csv catalog upload.  Refer to this document for information on how to create an auction in BidWrangler - How do I create an auction in BidWrangler?

Once an auction has been created in BidWrangler, an auction's lot/item catalog can be bulk uploaded with a .csv spreadsheet file.  This allows auctioneers familiar with using a .csv file to catalog auctions an option to quickly upload a catalog.  BidWrangler will automatically associate column headings from the .csv to each field, and associate lots from each row.  If a column heading does not automatically match, each heading can be associated to a field manually.  Photos can also be uploaded and classified by filename to associate them with the lot they have been uploaded for through a .zip file

  • First, navigate to the admin portal and scroll all the way down to the bottom, and select "Items import" - 

  • Click on "+ Create" -

  • Choose the auction from the dropdown field, then click "Choose File" next to the "Items CSV" button - 

  • Once you have uploaded your .csv file, the screen will now display fields that need to be mapped from the .csv. This is required to associate/map a column heading from the .csv. Typically, these fields will automatically be associated/mapped to the column headings in the .csv.  If a mapping to a column is missing, select a mapping/field from the dropdown menu on the right, and match it to the associated column heading in the .csv. -

  • Each item/lot can have a photo associated with it.  Photos can be quickly uploaded, and automatically assigned to the correct lot by the name of the photo.  Simply title the photo for each lot/item numerically.  For example, a single photo for lot/item 1 should be named "1". For multiple photos, name each photo for that lot/item "1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, etc.". Once the photos are correctly named, select the correct file or folder to upload them with your items. You can also assign the images to your lots by using barcodes (click on this link to see how to use barcodes) -

  • Once all fields to be used in the auction are successfully associated, and the image files have been selected, click "Save" at the bottom of the screen -

  • The items and photos will now begin uploading to your auction. Once the catalog .csv and images have finished their upload, the screen will automatically refresh, and the import will begin to populate the catalog and images to your auction. You can check the progress of the import and any errors here in the Items import list.  For a more detailed view of import statistics or errors, click the information button ("i") at the right of the screen here - 

*Note: If you are trying to change the order of the lots, make sure you have a column for Sequence. Once you have reordered everything in your .csv, and have added a column for Sequence (1-25, 1-100, etc) and it is all in the correct order, you can reimport the catalog following the steps above and the sequence will be updated.