How to use a different email address to send invoices and settlements

*Please note: Send an email to before you change/update these email addresses so we can ensure they are verified with Amazon Web Services (AWS). If these email addresses are not properly verified, your emails may not be sent successfully.

If you'd like your invoices and/or settlements to be sent from a different email address, here's how you can set that up:

In the admin portal, navigate to your main company settings. Click the pencil to edit them.

Under the "invoicing" dropdown, you'll see a new field:

By default, invoices send from your main company email address. If you enter a new email here (perhaps something tied to your accounting department, for example), invoices will now be sent to your bidders from this email address.

The same applies for seller settlements. In the company settings menu, under "seller settlement" settings, you'll see this field: