How to use BidWrangler Auction TV

1. Navigate to your bidding platform and click into a live auction.

2. Once in the auction, click the hamburger menu.

3. Click "AUCTION TV"

4. You can manage the settings of BidWrangler TV by increasing/decreasing size, or enabling full screen view.

5. Now, let's see how it works in action. Navigate back to your auction, and click on "clerk" on a single item.

6. Start the auction by clicking the "play" button.

7. To view examples of what the audience will see, click "once" to let them know the item is close to ending.

8. You can see the notification of the item going once will pop up on the BidWrangler TV display. If you go back to the clerk panel, clicking "sold" to sell the item will also appear on the display.

9. Let's check out the settings that we can edit for BidWrangler TV. Head to your admin portal.

10. Click Company Settings.

11. Click the pencil to edit your company settings.

12. You can choose to show different variations of the item photos, and you can also choose to just show the high bid, show the ask, or show both.

13. Click "Save"

Here's an example of BidWrangler TV just showing the high bid, not the ask.