Update to BAM Invoice/Settlement Guide

In this article, we are excited to show you several of the major updates we have made to invoices and settlements in BAM. The updates are as follows:

  1. Invoice History/Versions
    1. With every change to an individual invoice, that update will result in a new "version." This version number is now visible alongside the invoice number.
    2. Individual invoices now have a history for every change (version) so that admins can keep track of what changes have been made to an invoice (when and by whom).
  2. Locking/Unlocking Invoices
    1. Invoices now "lock" automatically when marked as paid. They can also be locked or unlocked manually.
  3. Invoice Cancellation
    1. We have added a new invoice status entitled, "Cancelled." This status will automatically no-sale all items on that invoice. If the items have not been sold to another bidder, changing the status back to Unpaid would reassign those items to the invoice.
    2. So that our customers have record of all things invoicing, in addition to this new cancelled status, we have removed the ability to delete invoices.
  4. Automatic Invoice Updates
    1. Settings and bids automatically update unlocked invoices (invoices that have not been emailed or paid for yet). There is no need to regenerate invoices anymore.
  5. Warning Messages for Invoice Updates
    1. Admins will receive a message when changing a setting that would affect a group of unlocked invoices. If you unlock a specific locked invoice and there are changes that will be applied to it, it will warn you beforehand.

Invoice History/Versions

Our invoices now display every change that has been made to them. The invoice number will update the version number (the last two digits) as changes are made.

The current version will display on the individual invoice screen and its invoice.

Every version of an invoice will be saved in the Invoice History, which is located below the invoice. For every version, you will find what change has been made, who made the change, and what time it was changed (in UTC time). We also allow you to download a PDF of any one of the versions.

On an individual invoice's screen, you will find the Invoice History at the bottom of the screen.

Locking/Unlocking Invoices

To prevent unintentional altering of invoices, invoices now lock when a payment has been made. You can manually lock or unlock an individual invoice from the invoice View screen.

When an invoice is locked, only a payment can be added. To update a locked invoice, you may either unlock and make the necessary changes, or make the changes, then unlock after the fact for the changes automatically show up on the invoice.

The Administer Invoices screen has new categories to easily separate Locked and Unlocked invoices from All.

Invoice Cancellation

A new invoice status has been added, entitled, "Canceled." You may select this status from the Status dropdown within an invoice.

When cancelled, the items will be removed from the invoice and marked as NO SALE. Changing the status back to Unpaid will undo this. These changes also translate to applicable seller settlements.

Automatic Invoice Updates

Prior to this update, invoices needed to be regenerated to display setting changes. Now, invoices automatically update when unlocked, so we have removed the Regenerate functionality entirely. If you need to update a locked invoice, you may do so by manually unlocking it.

Warning Messages for Invoice Updates

When you make a change that would alter a group of unlocked invoices, you will receive a warning message that includes a CSV of the affected invoices. You may cancel or proceed.

Below is the warning message upon unlocking an individual invoice.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to helpdesk@bidwrangler.com. We are happy to help!