How Do I Enable the 'Pay Now' Button on Bidder Invoices?

The 'Pay Now' button allows bidders to view and pay their own invoices via an email link. This feature can be enabled in the admin panel under Invoicing and Payment > Invoice Settings. Once there, clicking the "+ Create" tab in the upper left will open a new Invoice Settings template.

Enter the desired name for the template, then input the header, note, or footer for the invoices you'll be sending, as well as any text you'd like to include in the email with which the invoices will be sent, making sure to insert {{invoice_link}} within the email where you'd like to display the invoice link. Besides adding the invoice link, don't forget to change the language in the email to accommodate the link:

The 'Enable 'Pay Now' button' checkbox can be found at the bottom of the page. Checking this checkbox will allow bidders to view and pay their own invoices. 

Please note that these invoice Settings will need to be attached to the auction for which you'd like to enable this feature. Invoice Settings can be attached in the auction creation/editing area under the 'Invoicing' heading.

If you would like bidders to have the ability to view all of their invoices from the bidding platform/app, click here to learn how: