How Do I Reorder Items in my Catalog?

BidWrangler's bulk item action feature allows lots to be resequenced in based on several different criteria.

Navigate to the "items" menu on the left hand side of the admin portal.

Next we need to apply a filter in order narrow down the items you want to work on. Look for the "filter by recent auction" menu circled below. You can either use the dropdown menu, or type in the name of the auction you want to reorder.

*Please note: Always double check that you are updating the right auction catalog. Once you are sure you have the correct auction selected with the filter, click "filtered items" in the top right corner. Click "update items."

You'll then see this screen:

From the "field to update" menu, choose Auction Position (DO NOT select Lot ID), then select the strategy you wish to use to reorder your lots:

If you are unsure of what strategy to use, please send us an email at Bulk item actions are irreversible.

The available strategies are as follows:

  • "Reorder by Lot Number" - This strategy will change adjust your auction positions to the numerical sequence of your lot numbers, but not to the lot numbers themselves (allowing for resequencing of 'A' lots). This is the most commonly used strategy.
  • "To Match Lot Number" - This strategy will change all of your auction positions to match your lot numbers. Note: This strategy cannot be used if you have 'A' lots (1a, 1b, etc) - see next strategy to resequence if these are present. This is the second most commonly used reorder strategy.
  • "Reorder by Creation Date" -This strategy will sequence your lots into the order in which they were created.
  • "Eliminate Number Gaps" - This strategy will remove any number gaps in your auction positions. This action is recommended after initial resequencing if you have large jumps in your lot numbers (200 to 1000, for instance). These gaps can delay closing times for later numbers if the "To Match Lot Number of Same Item' strategy has been used and should subsequently be closed after resequencing. 

Once you've selected the desired strategy, you can click "execute," then "confirm," which will begin the resequencing process. You'll be able to see when resequencing is complete in the Administer Bulk Item Action Log screen on the left hand side of your admin portal.

If you are unsure on how to reorder your lots or not sure which strategy is needed for your specific circumstance, please send us an email at